I`m Charlesy, and I write songs, in fact I`ve always written songs.  In the early days I just wrote lyrics as I had no musical training.  Later on I learned to play the guitar and started to write the music as well.  


I also sing lead vocals and harmony on all of my songs that you find on iTunes, Spotify etc and arrange and produce the songs.  I would like nothing more than for a quality singer to record my work but until then, I`m stuck with singing them myself!


My songs were never easy to categorise as they range from ballads to folk, to rock and roll, to acoustic etc.   I`ve long since given up trying to `formularise` the songs, they will just, well....emerge.....!

My story

Nearly ten years ago I was stuck in the corporate rut and hating every minute.  The dull meetings, long hours, corporate politics, tedious presentations and Sunday evenings spent dreading the week ahead.   It was like wishing your life away.     The fact is that it is so difficult to make the break from the grind, downsize, do what you want to do and still be able to pay the bills.  


All I ever really wanted to do was to write songs and get them recorded to a reasonable level in the hope that they finally reached a wider audience.   Whilst I do sing all of my songs, my first love is as a songwriter.


As I write this, you will only find a couple of songs on this site/Spotify, iTunes etc although I have a stock pile of material which I`m planning to record and upload in the coming weeks.


All of the artwork for the song covers derives from my original photographs.  After `dropping out ` of corporate life one way that I found to pay the bills was to take and sell photographs. This gave me a great opportunity to indulge a love of travel and spending time in my beloved campervan!


I hope that you enjoy at least one of songs, thanks for reading.



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