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Country Songs

On the media player below you will find a selection of my country songs.  I am so proud of these songs and have had them professionally recorded in Nashville.  My objective is to see them covered by quality artists in need of a great song.  If they may be of use to you,  please get in contact at    Thank you so much for dropping by!


The songs featured below include :

`With You I`ve Found Myself`-catchy hook and chorus, strong song for any artist

`Cut Me and I`ll Bleed`-perfect I`m not but loving you is all that I need 

`Together We Feel Good`-feel good, foot tappin` country bluegrass, made for a commercial, Tv or film

`Road Trip Night`-uptempo song to sing to whilst cruising with your friends

`This Day Was Made to Last`-the smell of summer, wine and love 


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