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`Nine Country Nuggets` is a collection of my original songs performed and produced in a country style.  Recorded in Nashville, it features some of the finest Nashville session singers and musicians.   I am looking to get them covered by some quality artists.

Check out the the media player on this page to hear the songs.


Here is the running order:

1)    `With You I`ve Found Myself` (feel good, positive, happy)

2)    `Cut Me and I`ll Bleed` (I`m not perfect but loving you is all that I really need)

3)    `Road Trip Night` (feeling good and having a road trip with my friends)

4)    `This Day Was Made to Last` (a beautiful summer day with your love )

5)    `Time Just Seems to Go` (once we were together, but drifted apart)

6)    `Calling My Name` (the love faded but I`ll always be there for you)

7)    `I Couldn`t Know` (I couldn`t know that I`d fall in love with you)

8)    `Rolling Home to You` (an unlikely start but it turned into love)

9)    `Together We Feel Good` (fun foot stomping bluegrass feel good song)

All songs written by and © Michael Charles

Thanks for your interest in checking out my website, it is very much appreciated in these busy times. 

Best wishes


NB: Who are `The Charlesys?`  They are the songs themselves!



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