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Sync Songs

On the media player below you will find a selection of my songs which are available to sync companies and artists needing a song.  All of these songs have been written by myself and they have been professionally recorded and mastered in both the USA and UK.  I own the master recording and all rights to these songs.   If they may be of use to your library or artist,  please get in contact at    Thank you so much for dropping by!


The songs featured below include :

1) `With You I`ve Found Myself`-catchy hook and chorus, strong song for any artist

2) `Road Trip Night`-uptempo song to sing to whilst cruising with your friends

3) `Together We Feel Good`-feel good, foot tappin` country bluegrass, made for a commercial, Tv or film

4)`With You I`ll Make it Through`-with your help I`ll get there, made for a commercial

5) `Calling My Name`-if you ever need me I`ll be there

6)`Time Just Seems to Go`-once they were in your life......

7) `I Couldn`t Know`-out of nowhere you took my heart

8) `This Day Was Made to Last`-a dreamy summer`s day that should last forever

9) `Rolling Home to You`-catchy folk singalong, imagine romance starting in an Irish pub!

10)`Do the Turbo`-fifties roch `n roll with a foot tappin feel good new dance!

11)`He knows but he`s gone too far`-menacing rock song about self destruction, suit Tv or film


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