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`Slapton Sands (Exercise Tiger) 

Released 22nd April

Slapton Sands (Exercise Tiger).jpg

`Slapton Sands (Exercise Tiger)` is hot on the heels of `Shining Star` and released on Monday 22nd April, just before the 80th anniversary of the Exercise Tiger tragedy that saw the loss of 946 US servicemen in just over a day during training for the D-Day landings.  This song seeks to remember them as the heroes that they were.

`Shining Star` was released on Friday 29th March.   Everyone who ever went to school, will remember that special person who owned a space in their heart.  If you haven`t seen them since you left school, they will still never be forgotten. It is available for free on all top streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and Gobuz

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