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`Nine Country Nuggets`

The second single from the Nashville produced album`Nine Country Nuggets` entitled `Cut Me and I`ll Bleed`, is released on Thursday 15th February.    You can hear it and the album via the Spotify Player below.  If you have iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal or YouTube Music click on this link.  Please have a listen and LIKE AND SHARE IF POSSIBLE!   Many thanks.  Charlesy

Here are a few notes about the songs:

1)    `With You I`ve Found Myself` (feel good, positive and happy, try not singing along!)
2)    `Cut Me and I`ll Bleed` (I`m not perfect but loving you is all that I really need)
3)    `Road Trip Night` (feeling good and having a road trip with my friends)
4)    `This Day Was Made to Last` (a beautiful summer
day with your love, acoustic feel )
5)    `Time Just Seems to Go` (once we were part of each others lives....
6)    `Calling My Name` (the love faded but I`ll always be there for you)
7)    `I Couldn`t Know` (I couldn`t know that I`d fall in love with you)
8)    `Rolling Home to You` (an unlikely start in a pub 
but it turned into love)
9)    `Together We Feel Good` (fun foot stomping bluegrass feel good song)

All songs written by and © Michael Charles

Thanks for your interest in checking out my website, it is very much appreciated in these busy times. 

Best wishes
NB: Who are `The Charlesys?`  They are the songs themselves!

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