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Some years ago I was stuck in the corporate rut and hating every minute. The dull meetings, long hours, corporate politics, tedious presentations and Sunday evenings spent dreading the week ahead. It was like wishing your life away. The fact is that it is so difficult to make the break from the grind, downsize, do what you want to do and still be able to pay the bills.


All I ever really wanted to do was to write songs and get them recorded to a reasonable level in the hope that they finally reached a wider audience. Whilst I do sing most of my songs, my first love is as a songwriter. I am fortunate that my songs have been played on many radio and TV stations both in the UK and overseas, including BBC Radio 2, and ITV TV soap Emmerdale.

Firstly, thanks for your interest in checking out my website, it is very much appreciated in these busy times.


These days I am a songwriter but this journey started when I decided to learn the guitar when I was a student working on a French vineyard and travelling around Europe.  I ended up working on an island near Bordeaux where there were no shops and bars, just a couple of Irish workers who had taken their guitars on their travels.  They knew numerous songs and entertained us for weeks as we drank the local free red wine.  


I now write, sing and produce my songs and upload them to the digital streaming sites such as iTunes, Spotify etc. My goal is to get my songs covered by quality artists or to place them in adverts/Tv/Films etc.


My songs are not easy to categorise as they range through country, folk, rock and roll and acoustic etc. I`ve long since given up trying to `formularise` the songs, they will just, well....emerge.....!


Nine Country Nuggets-R.jpg

The artwork for my song covers often derives from my original photographs.  After `dropping out ` of corporate work one way that I found to pay the bills was to take and sell photographs.  That gave me a great opportunity to indulge a love of travel and spending time in my beloved campervan`!


My latest songwriting project is the country album `Nine Country Nuggets` by the Charlesys.  Produced and written by myself, the album was recorded in Nashville by some truly wonderful musicians.  As the album is all about the songs, `The Charlesys` are the songs themselves.  Please have a listen and if possible like and share it. 


Thank you for your interest


Best wishes



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