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The artwork for many of my song covers derives from my original photographs.  After `dropping out ` of corporate work one way that I found to pay the bills was to take and sell photographs.  That gave me a great opportunity to indulge a love of travel and spending time in my beloved campervan.  To date I have now sold over 60,000 photos.


My latest songwriting project is the country album `Nine Country Nuggets` by the Charlesys.  Produced and written by myself, the album was recorded in Nashville by some truly wonderful musicians.  As the album is all about the songs, `The Charlesys` are the songs themselves.


 Please have a listen and if possible like and share it. A new album is planned for later in 2024 and is already being recorded in Nashville. 



Thank you for your interest


Best wishes




Firstly, thanks for your interest in checking out my website, it is very much appreciated in these busy times.


I write and produce my own songs, with most songs now recorded in Nashville.  My goal with each song is to place it with a publisher and get it covered by a quality artist.  In addition I am looking to place them in adverts/Tv/Films etc.


My songs have been played on many radio and TV stations both in the UK and overseas, including BBC Radio 2, and ITV soap Emmerdale.

Prior to focussing on writing I was a founder member of The Accelerators.  We were based in the south-west of the UK and enjoyed 21 years of gigging.

I also played shows in the Dominican Republic with Los Tres Rebeldes including 3 memorable gigs in the women`s prison at Najayo to publicise prison reforms which were put in place to make them more humane.

Some years ago I was stuck in the corporate rut and hating every minute. The dull meetings, long hours, corporate politics, tedious presentations and Sunday evenings spent dreading the week ahead. It was like wishing your life away. The fact is that it is so difficult to make the break from the grind, downsize, do what you want to do and still be able to pay the bills.

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